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This post consists of a listing that will eventually include all the issues of Kaitei in my collection, most recent at the top. For a post that describes a particular issue, please see Kaitei (海程), no. 437 (2007:11). Links to other individual issues will be added to the table as they appear in the blog.


Issue Number Date Notes
438 December 2007 Includes name and address listing of some 450 “fellows“.
437 November 2007 Reviewed.
Issue Number Date Notes


Fellow (in Japanese, 同人dôjin): I’m using “fellow” in English to designate the top or leading members of a haiku group or club, who may be either female or male. In such an organization, they take leadership roles in various club activities (such as organizing and leading kukai, helping to organize ginko, managing the day-to-day operation of the group, etc.), and pay more substantial dues, thus becoming financial as well as volunteer supporters. In most haiku clubs, the dôjin are invited into this role by the master on the basis of quality in both writing and service to the group. Typically, the dôjin of a haiku club form a small percentage of the membership. Hence, a group with 400+ dôjin normally has several thousand members.



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With thanks to Tohta-sensei for this contribution.

This is the Japanese haiku magazine of Master Tohta Kaneko’s group. Each monthly issue features new haiku by Tohta-sensei and members of his far-flung group that spans all of Japan and many overseas contributors. Here is one of Tohta-sensei’s haiku from this issue (tr. wjh):

seijika ga shaberitsukarete aogaeru

the politician
exhausted from talking–
the tree frogs

(With thanks to Kayoko Hashimoto for assistance with the selection and translation.)

(Note: If you see a line of question marks above the italics, your browser is not set up to read Japanese text. Not to worry! Anything given in Japanese here will also include romaji.)

For more information on Kaitei in Japanese, visit Tohta-sensei’s web site at: http://www.tohta.jp/kaiteiindex.htm.

I don’t have the time just now, but later on we’ll have a post here on the typical layout and content of the many hundreds of monthly haiku magazines in Japan.

Click here for the beginnings of a list of the Kaitei issues in my collection.


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