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No place listed: [iUniverse] 2006.

With thanks to the author.

Note: I list “iUniverse” in brackets because my understanding is that, technically, they are not publishers, but book manufacturers who assist authors in self-publishing their work.

Available from iUniverse (online) or the author:

Joel H. Goldstein, M.D.
4999 E. Kentucky Ave., Suite 201
Denver, CO 80246

Dr. Goldstein has a good eye for African animals, as the black-and-white photos here attest. The “haikus” mostly resemble the 5-7-5 poems one finds on school bulletin boards, like this:

Small head long curved neck
Big body on skinny legs
The ostrich runs by

Occasionally, a certain empathy connects the reader with the subject:

Bull Elephant walks
Isolated on the road
Alone with his thoughts

We can hope that Dr. Goldstein’s foray into haiku country will give him an opportunity to study and learn more of this craft. (One place to start might be my essay, “Haiku by the Numbers, Seriously”, at: http://haikai.home.att.net/haiku-by-the-numbers.html.)


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