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Edited by Tony Quagliano.

Gift of Laura Ruby, to whom a deep bow of thanks.

Tony, one of the few myriad people holding the planet together in their hearts, passed away during the last days of putting this annual together, according to the accompanying letter from Laura Ruby. Laura, who designed this beautifully laid-out journal, concluded the issue with Tony’s fine poem “Between a Rock and Mahatma Gandhi”, which may also be seen online on one of her pages on the U. Hawai’i web site:


The page also features a link to an MP3 of Tony reading the poem; it sounds as though made at a live reading.

Also expressing the spirit of the issue, of the annual’s many issues, of Tony—and of Ruby—is this poem by Kenji Miyazawa, in John Peters’s excellent translation:

Unyielding before the Rain

Unyielding before the rain
and wind
and snow and summer heat,
with a healthy body
without base desires
never given to anger
always smiling quietly,
brown rice, a little soup, some vegetables
sufficient for a day’s meal,
in all things thinking of others
seeing, hearing, understanding well
and not forgetting,
living in a thatched hut
in the shade of the pines of the plains,
caring for a child sick in the east
shouldering the sheaves of a mother weary in the west
calming the cares of a man dying in the south
lamenting lawsuits and quarrels in the north,
shedding tears in time of drought,
walking about worriedly during a cold summer,
considered a fool by all
neither receiving praise
nor thought a nuisance–
this is the man I want to be.

Miyazawa Kenji, tr. John Peters
(Copyright (c) 2007, by permission of Laura Ruby and the Hawai’i Literary Arts Council.)

Issues may be purchased from ($15 including annual membership):

Hawai’i Literary Arts Council
P. O. Box 1213
Honolulu, HI 96828-0213

Or visit their web site, at http://www.hawaii.edu/hlac.


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